Siligence Company

SILIGENCE is a Paris-based company. More and more traditional companies CPE vendors are making use of competent ODM, mostly in Taiwan, to provide and manufacture CPE’s but these companies keep a heavy structure especially in terms of management, overheads, supply chain.


With a small focus team of HW and SW experts and a small team of best-in class sales (pre-sales, sales and after-sales) people Siligence will work directly in very close collaboration with a very few selected Taiwanese vendors for product development, manufacturing, shipment and after-sales. In parallel, Siligence will leverage on the intimate relationship that his management established in the past years with the recognized technology vendors in the domain, such as (but not limited to) STMicro, Broadcom, Intel, Trident for the silicon vendors and Softathome, NDS, Wyplay, Nagra, Hyperpanel for the SW and MW companies.